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Creating Jet Fuel from a weed
Currently, jet fuel is made from fossil fuels and contributes about 2% of carbon pollution into the atmosphere. Converting to biofuels would have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Mos…
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Finally, a potentially powerful treatment for COVID-19
At the present time, there are no blockbuster drugs that dramatically improve the outcome of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. While remdesivir and steroids do improve time to recovery and mortality…
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Countys with high vaccination rates are fairing much better than those with low vaccination rates
The US is dividing into two worlds when it comes to COVID-19. Dane County has a vaccination rate of 80% for those 18 and over. Because of this SARS-CoV-2 cannot find enough hosts to replicate and can…
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Yet another warning. Please get vaccinated
The delta variant is continuing to be a problem in places with high levels of unvaccinated individuals. All evidence so far shows that vaccinated individuals are protected against this variant. I jus…
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COVID-19 - What happens after herd immunity?
Health experts have been encouraging everyone who can get the COVID-19 vaccine to get it. They want to reach a threshold called herd immunity. What does that mean? Herd immunity occurs when a large e…
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Huge positive news on the effort to create a coronavirus vaccine


Pfizer has announced early data in its vaccine trial that indicates an efficacy of 90%! The news could not be better. While the article claims this is early data if you dig down into the details they indicate how many subjects were infected with coronavirus during the study. When the analysis was done, 94 people had been infected. To complete the trial, scientists decided that 164 need to be infected. We are already halfway there. This is the last piece of the puzzle and means we will have an effective vaccine. One caveat is that the Pfizer vaccine is an RNA vaccine. While this makes it easy to manufacture, the vaccine needs to be stored at very low temperatures. Thus transport of the vaccine for distribution will be an issue.

Several other vaccines are in the pipeline and I expect their results to be just as good. Hurray for science.