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Welcome to Through the Microscope

Thank you for purchasing the book!  You should now have access to all the chapters. Here are some important features included in the online book that you should make sure you utilize.

1) The table of contents is the main jumping-off point for the book. From here you can get to every page of the book.

2) An online search function makes it easy to find pretty much anything you are looking for in the book. This is especially useful when you are trying to find a section that you knew you read. Especially when preparing for a test or working on problem sets.

3) Animations and movies. There are many in the book. If you are reading the hardcopy, when a figure is an animation, you will be directed to the website. These have been designed to help you learn the concepts in the book, so take advantage.

4) Highlighting. You can highlight information in the text by selecting it and then clicking on the Toggle Highlight Button located at the bottom of every page in the book tools menu. When it's study time, you can also recall this information by selecting the chapters that you want and choosing collect highlights.

5) If you ever get stuck contact me using the contact form of the website.

Good luck and enjoy!


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